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All CRUISEHOST solutions use the

extensive database content on:


detailed ships


    • 50% - 300+ ships online bookable
    • 40% - 240+ ships with daily price feeds
    • 10% - 60+ ships with brochure pricing




    • 65% - 42.380+ Cruise Packages
    • 57% - 37.050+ Cruise Packages with flights

We provide our customers with a large range of 70
cruise companies / tour operators and their itineraries.
  25 cruise companies with direct API
41 cruise companies with pricing feeds (Flatfile)
  16 cruise companies with content for customers who

have licenced the CRUISECUSTOMIZER to create their own packages
26 languages of which 7 are public

We are constantly adding to this list, please ask us for the latest developments.





We currently offer our solutions in 7 public languages:

German, English, French, Russian, Dutch, Spanish and Greek
(Italian and Portugese to follow in 2021/22)

Furthermore we offer the ability to purchase a private language licence. This allows the worldwide exclusive usage of this language within the CRUISEHOST System.

In addition to this content, customers who have licensed the CRUISECUSTOMIZER generate unlimited additional content with the existing stock of trips. Whether it is packages with feeders or with additional services or simply own prices for existing cruises.
The CRUISECUSTOMIZER is ideally positioned to advertise and make your packages bookable in just a few minutes.

Even for customers who have not licensed the CRUISECUSTOMIZER, CRUISEHOST offers many possibilities to adapt the cruise content to personal needs. Be it to adapt the cruise title or to supplement the standard included services or to completely replace the included services. All customers can make such changes independently.

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