One Database. All Cruises. Your choice.

CRUISEHOST Solutions is the market leader in Europe for cruise booking technologies!

More than 9,000 travel agents and online travel agents (OTAs) in 22 countries with 20 languages trust CRUISEHOST Solutions solutions.

CRUISEHOST Solutions develops and operates all solutions in Germany. Our international team looks after all customers in Eschborn, just outside Frankfurt.

We offer two simple solutions for the travel industry and the website owner:


CRUISEA for the counter and
CRUISEC responsive for the web


CRUISEA is successfully used both by individual offices as well as by chains and cooperations.
CRUISEC responsive is available both as an iframe and as a full page delivery.

CRUISEHOST solutions has been successful for over 15 years - our customers appreciate the value of using the special cruise products in our system and the ease of use of the product and booking process.

Our goal is to fully represent all Cruise-related products available to the market in CRUISEA and CRUISEC.