Call centers, chains & cooperations

Organizational forms such as call centers, chains and cooperations have deeper technical requirements than individual travel agencies. Here it is important to map the structure of the organization to the solutions and to standardize booking channels for all agencies according to the organisation specifications.

CRUISEHOST offers you this solution

for your direct customer service:

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... standardization options

You need a counter solution that guides every travel agent intuitively and in a standardized manner through the various discussion levels when searching, advising and booking. We can also enable the switching to different agencies for consultation as well as various languages and currency settings.  It is also possible make use of our single sign-on procedure from within your desktop or Web application

... steering options

You control the portfolio for all agencies and configure booking functions for affiliated agencies. We setup the back office connections for you. Based on our experience, we are able to offer you an extensive range of steering options such as setting your own terms and conditions, your own ROEs, logos, etc. - we are happy to take up your requirements and present you with solutions!

... useability

CRUISEA convinces with a self-explanatory user interface and guides you intuitively through the requirements analysis, the product comparison and the booking process. There is no need for extensive training. Installation is not required - CRUISEA works via a browser link.

... consultation

In order to be able to ensure a uniform quality of consultancy, you will find all information for professional customer service in CRUISEA - no additional catalog sheets, no additional search in other systems! In CRUISEA you will find all products and prices for every departure and are therefore well prepared for sales talks. We make the offers comparable! The customer offers can be conveniently created as PDF in standardized templates.

... content

We provide you with an extensive database with all the relevant information for your customers. Whether ship details, Cabin descriptions, inclusive services, pre-contractual information - you will find it in CRUISEA. In addition, we offer you the option of controlling the content via our administration area.

... and this solution for your website:

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... integration options

So that you and your affiliated agencies are represented with a homepage on the web, we help you to find the right package! Whether full-page deliveries, iframe solutions for affiliated agencies, UID codes and / or special email routings - we will be happy to advise you!

... steering options

In the background, you control the portfolio for all agencies and control the corresponding sub-booking functions. With your website, you control the look and feel for your organization very conveniently within our content management system and thus ensure a uniform website for all agencies.

... choice

Be it with the system requirements as well as in the area of content - we maintain a strong development cycle in order to implement your requirements technically and also to provide quality content. Share your requirements with us, we will be happy to implement them!

... content

We fill your website with all customer-relevant information. This includes the comparability of all tariffs, the pre-contractual information, ship details, included services, etc. The content is the key factor for us to support your customers with the research and the booking process!

... up-to date

We take great care in data quality. In order to be able to guarantee this, it is our aim to be connected directly to the cruise company booking system. Where this is not possible, we import prices and vacancies from the cruise companies several times a day if possible. Changes to the cruises are adjusted directly by our content department.