Akhil's thoughts


Q1 2019


2019 is THE year of cruises.


I  am very confident that all parties in the cruising business will have their best ever revenues in 2019.


Easy, new ships of greater scale than ever are reaching the markets. Cruise companies are more and more being challenged by environmental requiments and are turning this into real business opportunities making the future for cruising even better.


Cruise retailing has reduced its Complexity with more and more packages being offered off the shelf rather than individual components tagged to a package making it easier to sell.


Across-the-board we see huge demand for 6-9 day cruises in balconies.

I see a great opportunity for 3rd party products here and hope that this will even the level of pricing in future.


Germany being the largest cruise market outside of the US will be facing more and more competition and also buyouts as we saw in 2017/18.

But that is not all, Germany has the highest degree of automation, the highest density of travel agents and also the largest cooperations of individual travel agents worldwide. Germany also has a unique set of cruise products.


Be it river or sea, these need to be incorporated by those new entrants which makes their lives even more difficult but comfortable for existing businesses...


On many of the mentioned subjects I will be adding my thoughts in the coming months - please feel free to object, tackle or agree by posting your thoughts to me...

Cruise easy, Yours Akhil