One Database. All Cruises. Your choice.

Since 2002 CRUISEHOST has its focus solely on cruises.
The internal company slogan is :
if we can't to it correctly we won't do it.

CRUISEHOST is a cruise selling platform for the
smallest travel agecy and also the largest OTA or
Travel Organisation. We have customers with many
hundred travel agency branches with all their requirements
but also true specialist cruise retail OTA / Travel Agent or

CRUISEHOST concentrates 100% on the portfolio and
the selling process of our customers.
That is why we offer specialised b2b and b2c selling
systems - CRUISEA and CRUISEC.

Our aim is to provide all required cruise products for
any maket our customer has their operation in.

This requires a great organisational challenge in
understanding the local requirement and matching
this with our functionality.

Customisation of our system is also key to enable
adapting to local market requirements, truely under
the main aspect we believe in :
All business is local business !

Please browse through our website to get a
feeling of how CRUISEHOST Solutions can turn
your business and make it more effiecient than ever.

Speak to us... we are here to provide your solution.

Many thanks for your interest.

Akhil Kapur