Content Management System

Define pagetypes and layout

  • Landingpages 18 layouts
  • Shortlinkpages
  • Contentpages
  • Newsletter-subscription page
  • Contact-form page


Define color scheme of your pages

  • select from 7 themes
  • define your button & navigation colors
  • define cruisecustomer color

Track the performance of your pages

Set your tracking code(s)

  • before </head> only on fullpage
  • before </body> only on fullpage
  • conversion code(s) (also Iframe)

Select offers for your Landingpages

  • easily select komplex searches
  • easily select offers with the fav.function
  • place selected offers on Landingpages



  • Personalise the wording of filters
  • Change the order of filters
  • Hide filters

Menu (only fullpage)

  • Create your menu items
  • Create submenues
  • Link pages to menu items

Create Content for your pages

  • Slider - upload Image - link to an offer or search
  • Text - create meaningful text blocks to add to pages - open Iframe in a text block item
  • Contact - create your personal contact form configure all emails
  • Newsletter - create your personal newsletter subscripton form (double opt-in) configure all emails
  • Login-page create a loginpage that leads yourt customers to a second private agency ID


Create your own Header for your fullpage and your domain

Create your personal Newsletter template (dedicated Server required)

  • takeover offers from CRUISEC easily with the fav.function
  • schedule newsletter send
  • add clicktracking to better target recipients in future



Upload and Manage all your images together with your content at the same place

  • Tag your images for a fast search
  • use your images in Panels, Newsletter, Sliders and Content
  • Replace standard images (ships, categories, gallery for packages created in CRUISECUSTOMIZER